Where there are bad cops, there are good cops. Although a lot of people would say the former would always outnumber the latter. Also that society and media has quite the power to shine the spotlight on the negative aspects of policing—especially that the negative incidents truly do far outnumber the good ones.


Good cops

While there are police officers that do have noble and good intentions, their policing procedures do not coincide with their objective. There are also those whose good cop instincts only work on some cases—but would be considered excessive on other cases, no matter how “by the book” the procedures were.

It is true that the crimes are also leveling up that the police needed to shed the good cop image and stand toe to toe with the criminals, going down on the mind-set level of criminals in order to apprehend them. But again, as mentioned, each crime is a different case.


Bad cops

There’s a saying that goes, “It takes one to know one,” and sometimes, this applies to some police officers. They can identify the crooks because they themselves are crooks. Sometimes, they bring their fellow crooks to face justice; sometimes, they let them off the hook or suffer exposure.


Anger management

Sometimes, the only way to overcome the aggressor is to be even more aggressive than them. And some police officers are quite known to have the temper. A little provocation from a suspect could trigger a force more than necessary that the action of the police officer could be considered police brutality. How about instead of force, the police should exercise psychological tactics/mind games to beat the suspect in their own game.


Changing police culture

Police are allowed to use force—when necessary—in order to maintain and uphold the peace and order in the society. But sometimes, force is not necessary. In fact, it should actually be a last resort to avoid excessive and unwarranted use of force that would result to police brutality and abuse. But sometimes, power gets the better of a person—most especially those sworn in the position to uphold and protect the people and their best interest. This usually applies in politics, but then in the police department, politics is also huge.

There are quite a lot of ways to stop police brutality. When police all over the world would only remember that they are in the service to serve and protect the people for the good of everyone, it can be done. But so long as there is bigotry, there will always be abuse or injustice.

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