Author tells his personal experiences through the different police forces he was with in new book


From author Ed Cook comes a spellbinding, deeply emotional account of his plight to overcome disappointment and accomplish that particular success sought after by many. In “From Black to Blue”, he shares that part of his life to all, so others can also enjoy this fascinating journey through these pages.

Within these pages of this book, readers will see through the eyes of a young boy, death up close and personal. Also, they will understand southern law in action causing absolute fear to the bones. As he moved forward, leaving the south, traveling to Chicago at a very young age, caused this young fellow to grow up at a fast pace. ¬ The lifestyle of the residents in this town by far was as different as day and night from his southern upbringing. The law, the police in Chicago was as different as day and night from the law in Arkansas.

Moving to Los Angeles was and is his life-changing experience. He encourages readers to pay close attention as they leaf through the pages because they are sure to enjoy this fast trip they are about to take. From Pine Bluff to serving on one of the fiercest police agencies in America, LAPD SWAT, he has had an interesting ride so far.

This book is available online and can be purchased at online bookstores: Writers Republic, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


About the Author

Ed Louis Cook was born July 1942 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He is the second of eight children and had a fascination with law enforcement long before entering public school. It is believed this interest in law enforcement was caused by a very large picture of his great uncle who was a Chicago Policeman. He attended a segregated public school. During his school years, he became interested in music and became very good with the woodwind instruments, especially the clarinet. Upon graduation from Merrill High School, he received a four-year music scholarship to attend A.M.&N. College. He attended for one year only, due to marriage at age of eighteen. Getting married at an early age and moving to Chicago was the start of an entirely new way of life. Four years later was the move to Los Angeles and that is the true beginning of the great story which is shared in this book. While living in Los Angeles and attending Los Angeles City College and California State University at Los Angeles, he entered the Field of Law Enforcement and subsequently became the first black officer to work LAPD SWAT.


From Black to Blue by Ed Cook

Paperback: 9781637286098 $14.99

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