Only after George Floyd was brutally killed that police brutality against people of color was once again brought to worldwide attention.

There really have not much changes in the police department even after that as the police are also trying to salvage their reputation. It boils down to “bad apples in the basket contaminating the rest of the good apples” theory. 

Injustice would always be present especially since riding on power is quite exhilarating.

While the news mostly feature police brutality in black people, there are also other people of color that have been subjected to police abuse.

Racism still remains a top cause of police brutality—when some people think that they are far more superior than another person because of their skin color, gender preferences, or cultural practices.

Quite a lot of police officers and police departments generalize crimes especially involving people of color. And when they have used force on the prior case, they would use force on the succeeding cases, even if they are not similar.  

Police are quite quick to apprehend and “bring to justice” criminals but may take quite some time when the criminals are one of their own.

There have been calls to “defund the police” as the people do not see the need to give the police more power than what they already hold. Giving them more funding means giving them access to more weapons and clout to spread terror in average citizens.

Much like the theory of “bad apples in the basket contaminating the rest of the good apples” in the police department, there are versions of this in the average citizens—meaning not all “white” people are unkind and derogatory towards people of color. There are also the good ones that lend their voices to the causes fighting for human rights and equality. Sadly, they could also fall victim to police brutality.

Sometimes, the police are too unbothered to get to the roots of the crime that they would resort to violence in order to speed up the process, pinning the fault to whomever it is they find suspicious.

Quite often, the absence of empathy towards criminals can lead to police brutality. Police officers that resort to brutality do not understand that some suspects have been acting out of mental incapacity that they use force rather than psychological approach.

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